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Dance of the Baubles

Dance of the Baubles

It happens every year. Although we have twelve months to plan for Christmas, many of us leave everything until the last minute and December becomes a month of manic frenzy combined with merry good-will to all. The myth of a jolly family of rosy-cheeked children singing carols as they calmly decorate the tree is totally different to my reality. As a time-poor quilter I’m usually hurling baubles and tinsel at the tree just moments before the family arrive. My hysteria increases as the baubles refuse to stay on the tree, and as they drop onto the tiled floor they knock off the other baubles. Have you noticed how high the modern bauble can bounce?

Each year it’s not until the baubles start their dance do I begin to relax and chuckle at the madness. This is the moment when the joys of Christmas will begin to emerge.

To celebrate this momentous annual event I created the Dance of the Baubles quilt.

The Riley Blake fabrics were ideal for an Aussie Christmas and were perfect for the simple squares and rectangles.

Of course, as the procrastinator that I am,  I didn’t start until December and managed to waste a lot of shopping days cutting, stitching and having a jolly good time.

The baubles were cut into circles and pressed onto the quilt top with fusible webbing. They were finished with a buttonhole stitch on the machine. To make sure it was finished this year I broke with tradition and machine quilted it in half-inch lines.

The pattern will be available early next year. If you start in June you will have plenty of time for next Christmas, or you could live dangerously and wait until the last minute just like I do.

Whatever you decide, and however you celebrate, Patchwork Bliss wishes you a joyous Christmas and a very Quilty 2016.










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