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Garden Pleasures

Garden Pleasures

Fragrant air and a warm breeze signal that spring is almost here.

Yesterday I was drawn outdoors to take some photos of our first spring day. My pleasure was immense and it reminded me of my Garden Pleasures Quilt. This quilt hangs in the entry of our home. Although I made it in 2008 , I still love the mix of fabrics and colour, so I took it down to take some new photos of it with our spring garden as the backdrop.

Being outdoors after such a bleak winter is inspiring. The first of the daffodils and the pots of violas have given me some ideas for new quilt projects.

The colours of spring are my favourite. The lovely greens of the new growth on the Manchurian Pear are divine.

daffs_patchworkbliss_600px_web (3)
Blossom on the Manchurian Pear
King Parrot

The colour and movement started a couple of weeks ago when the branches were still bare. The King Parrots and Eastern Rosellas were jostling each other at the bird feeder. We’d had weeks and weeks of rain, but on this particular morning it was dry, so the birds dropped in to visit. I took these photos through glass from inside the house because I didn’t want to disturb the shenanigans.

King Parrots
King Parrot and Easter Rosella
King Parrot and Easter Rosella


The garden isn’t just for the humans to enjoy. There is room for all!

Whether you are heading into spring or autumn I hope you enjoy the change of seasons and are inspired to create your own Garden Pleasures quilt.  The pattern is now available for immediate download.

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