Pom Pom Phone Poppers are pretty little bags that are a fun way to carry your mobile phone. Let’s face it, we’ve all had times when we’ve needed our phone on hand but didn’t have a pocket, so we’ve missed calls because the phone was lost in the deepest-darkest corner of our handbag. And, be honest, who hasn’t tucked a phone into bra to keep it close? It might be practical, but it’s so not a good look.

Pom Pom Phone Poppers

Help is at hand

Pom Pom Phone Poppers are a cheery solution to a modern problem. Easy to make with step-by-step instructions and the pattern is free!

Not just for phones

Let’s face it, none of us are getting any younger, so anything to help us find our phones, glasses or bus money has to benefit our mental health.

Of course, these cuties will also make perfect gift bags for small treasures and you will love making them.

Pom Phone Poppers in red

Remember, pom poms make everything better. Download the pattern today.

Until next time,