When I first dipped my toe into the wonderful world of quilting, the traditional blocks were the most popular.

How times have changed. These days the simplest block designs, combined with a clever use of fabric, can create wonderfully appealing quilts. These quilts can often be whipped up in no time, and have a funky-modern twist. The added bonus is that they aren’t as daunting to the new quilter as some of the traditional blocks can be.

One of the simple quilt designs that keeps grabbing my attention is delightful and really easy to make.

Woven Bliss is a one-block quilt. When I first saw this quilt I seriously thought it was made of rectangular blocks, and, just between you and me, it took me ages to figure out that they were actually squares!

You can see how simple it is by the block diagrams.

Woven Bliss Block One

Woven Bliss Block Two

Maybe I am a bit slow on the uptake, but if it tricked me, then I am pretty sure it tricks most people, and, I have to admit,  I seriously love when a quilt tricks me.

You can change the look of the quilt by the the use of fabric and colour. Whether you keep it simple, or let your imagination run wild, I am sure you will enjoy making this fantastic quilt. And the best part is, it’s one of our Free Patterns. Simply download the Woven Bliss Free Pattern today and get started.