It probably won’t come as a surprise that quilters love to sew. However, what may surprise you is how many quilters actually prefer stitching quilts by hand.

What’s more — they love it.

Now, before you reach for the smelling salts, nobody is suggesting we rid the world of sewing machines. Creating quilts with an extensive range of modern machines, gadgets and devices can be highly desirable and has great appeal for many, nonetheless, there are seven seriously excellent reasons for stitching quilts by hand.

1. Portability

Hand piecing can be done just about anywhere at any time, and is only limited by your imagination and determination. It’s easy to take hand sewing on your travels and stitching is an enjoyable use of waiting-time or jury duty.

2. Sociable

Sewing in the company of family and friends can be fun. I’m sure they’re nice people.

Disclaimer: As a general rule this does not apply to teenagers. Your company, with or without your hand-sewing, will probably not be considered desirable.

3. Quiet

Day-to-day noise is deafening, made even worse with the addition of a noisy sewing machine. Sometimes we need to tune out and turn the volume down.

Always remember to be kind to your ears.

4. Calming

Modern times are busier than ever, consequently, our days can feel quite frantic, so it makes sense to take time-out to recharge our batteries. Consider hand sewing as meditation — with the added advantages of a charming new quilt and a lowered heart rate.

5. Tradition

Before the industrial revolution all sewing was done by hand. Many of these crafts have been lost or replaced by technology. We literally have the power in our hands to preserve and perpetuate these skills to keep the traditions alive. We owe it to future quilters.

6. Environmentally Friendly

Electricity is not required for hand stitching, so go green and save the planet one stitch at a time.

7. Stress Reduction

Lastly, and easily the most comforting of reasons, stitching quilts by hand means your bobbins will never run out.

So, now you know

Patchwork Bliss quilts

For some, slowing down the pace of life to spend time stitching quilts by hand, may seem an indulgence, however, there are quilters all over the world who relish the joys and pleasures that hand sewing delivers.

We welcome and encourage all quilters and our quilt patterns are perfect for hand stitching. Two easy ones to start with are Easter Egg Bunnies and Cherish or, for the more experienced, Moon Shadow and, the brand-new Berry Bliss.

Whatever your preference, stitching by hand lives on, and with our help, continue to flourish.

Berry Bliss Quilt Patchwork Bliss

Easter Egg Bunnies Wall Hanging

Moon Shadow Quilt
Cherish Quilt Free Pattern