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Welcoming 2015 by filling bobbins in advance

Before Christmas I cleared my sewing table of all the clutter that had accumulated over the past year.

In the clutter there were a couple of piles of fabric still waiting for inspiration. One pile was my collection of warm greys and citron greens. With just these five fabrics I had enough to make a queen size quilt, so my challenge was to limit the palette and not buy any more fabrics. Yes, tough I know, but I am up for the challenge.

Lady of the lake fabrics

Summer in Australia meant it was too hot to play outside, so I was able to play with my Electric Quilt program to design something that worked with the fabrics. The Lady of the Lake pattern is an old favourite and the crisp lines were perfect for my fabrics.

Managing to find the time to start cutting proved difficult, but I did have an hour to myself late one afternoon, and even managed to make a couple of blocks.

Lady of the Lake blocks

Sadly, the holidays are over. My husband is back at work. Normal programming is about to resume, but, before I begin my quilting year, I am filling a case full of bobbins in readiness for all the quilts I hope to make.

Bobbin filling

Life is good in my natural habitat, surrounded by fabrics, thread and a case full of loaded bobbins. Bring on 2015. I am ready.

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