How sweet are these cupcakes?  They take only minutes to make and the best part — these fat quarter cupcakes are guilt free!

Fat quarter cupcakes are guilt free



You will need a fat quarter of fabric, a cupcake case and a little flag or topper. Boxes of cupcake cases and toppers are available from supermarkets and discount stores for just a dollar or two.

Cupcake case and topper

Step 1

Open the fat quarter. You will notice that it’s not square — there is a long side and a shorter side. Fold in half by putting the two shorter sides together. This means the longer sides have the crease. Now fold in half again. Continue folding another two times until you have a long strip. (Four folds in all).

Fold the fat quarter in half

Step 2

Fold the corner of one end on a 45 degree angle and roll up the strip. Roll firmly but you don’t have to be neat. Don’t worry about the puckers and bunches, they give the cupcake it’s character. Use a pin to hold it together.

Fold end 45 degrees

Roll firmly

Step 3

Gently push your thumb underneath to raise the folds. Remove the pin.

Rolled fat quarter

Gently push up folds

Step 4

Put into the case. Gently tuck in the raw edge. Pop in the topper. That’s it!



Isn’t that the easiest gift you will ever make? Not only are they a perfect gift, they would also be a fabulous and inexpensive treat for quilt retreats or to sell at a craft market.

Fat Quarter Cupcakes

Fat Quarter Cupcakes — Yummy!

Remember, fat quarter cupcakes are guilt free so can enjoy as many as you like.

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